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Local business change tactics, fight dying industries


By Bonnie Shelton

WAUSAU (WAOW)--We're all aware that jobs are scarce and money stretched thin.If you're looking to get ahead, experts say there are some industries you should avoid, including formal wear and DVD & Video game rental. However, many are staying open despite being on that list.

A down economy can lead to a lot of empty storefronts. Even though everything must go at Avenue West in Antigo, it's owner is optimistic.

"The economy hit us pretty hard. We just really wanted to end on a positive note. It's unfortunate but it's just how it is," said Mary Ann Kamps, who has run the business for almost six years.

Tough times hit her business hard. "With the recession and everything, clothing just isn't selling."

So she's ending her clothing business and specializing in tuxedos. According to new research published by the Wall Street Journal, formal wear is a dying industry. Kamps hopes specializing in one area will lead to better business. With more offices moving from casual Friday to casual everyday, there's just not enough demand for suits and dresses.

Mills, Newspaper publishing and DVD and Video game rentals are also on the decline, but that's not stopping some local businesses from trying to draw in customers.

"What's really nice about family video is we have a great selection. we also have our specialty sections where they're at a reduced price so its very easy very convenient for them to only spend a couple bucks and take home quite a few movies," said manager Ashley Colvin.

Incentives and perks can save you money. It's all in an effort to fight back against instant download and dollar rentals that are driving down sales.

"With the economy being the way that it has been, they're looking for that fast, free, easy, cheap entertainment and we're normally their first ticket," she said.

Although their industries are on the decline, both are optimistic their efforts will pay off and that the economy and their customer base will bounce back, too.

Online Reporter: Bonnie Shelton

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