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Super Glue inventor passes away

ABC NEWS --  Harry Coover Jr., the name might not ring a bell but his legacy is probably in your kitchen drawer right now.  He invented a little tube of powerfully sticky goo that changed the world.   Super Glue. 

Coover passed away over the weekend. 

It was actually by accident that Coover made the discovery that defined him.  An invention that originally went by the rather clunky name of "Alcohol-Catalyzed Cyanocrylate Adhesive."

It was world war II and Coover was working as a research chemist at Eastman Kodak when he noticed that one of the materials with which he was experimenting with made everything stick together.  What at first was a problem, Coover ultimately saw as an opportunity.  It's an opportunity that made him one of America's most famous inventors.

Online Reporter:  Cami Mountain

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