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Class of the Week: St. John 7th Graders

EDGAR (WAOW) -- The 7th grade class at Saint John Catholic School is collecting coins to help build schools in remote areas of Asia.

After reading a book called Three Cups of Tea by Greg Mortensen about the lack of educational opportunities in Afghanistan and Pakistan, they decided to join in on his program called Pennies for Peace.

Xavier Hackel says, "We donate all the pennies to build schools and for the little kids and stuff so they can learn.  We build schools for the women because the men leave the city.  So, women can still stay there will the knowledge and stuff.  It really helps the community."

The class put change buckets throughout their school and community.  In just a few weeks time, they've collected $750. That money will be put to good use.

Here's a break down of how it could be used.

One penny buys one pencil.  $2 is a teachers salary for one day.  $20 will buy one student school supplies for an entire year. 

It might not seem like much to us but these students understand how much it will be to the students who now have a chance to learn.

Andrea Bargender adds, "They are probably going to be happy because they can go to school and they can actually get a job then."

Their desire to give other kids education makes the 7th grade class at St. John School Class of the Week.

To find more information about Pennies for Peace, click on the link associated with this page.

Online Reporter:  Cami Mountain

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