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Students get domestic abuse lesson at Marshfield High School

 Marshfield (WAOW)--  It started as a competition among Wisconsin school groups to do fundraising and community service.  One member of the group felt compelled to be the voice for domestic violence.  It is a topic that was close to her heart and the story she brought to her school is one few would forget.

It's a lesson that students wouldn't be able to find in any textbook.  A group of students at Marshfield High School gathered in a classroom for real-life exposure to a tough topic.

Sarah Engle, was shot in the head by her ex-boyfriend back in 2008.  She recalls the day as the most traumatic time in her life.  "It was traumatic. I lost my best friend, my mom, and that is really hard for me," Engle said. 

Her scars are still visible, she's paralyzed on one side of her face and deaf in one ear.

"I think I survived for a reason," Engle says. "To help others know where to go to find the help they need."

Engle's telling her story - to help others. Her visit at Marshfield High was due directly because of Amanda Alcorta. Alcorta is a senior student who claims she too has been a victim.

"I want people to know how bad it is," Alcorta said. "I want them to know there people you can talk to and these things do happen, all the time."

As Sarah spoke, she told the group there'd been signs of abuse early on in the relationship. But she believed she could fix it...James she said would get better...then worse.

Sarah still wrestles with what's happened. And while her story is tough for many to hear it's the one-on-one questions that follow where she's sure she's making a difference.

Sarah does a few speaking engagements every year. She has helped Amanda with her advocacy project. Amanda will take her project to the state level this weekend where she will compete against other schools all the while still hoping to make a difference.

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