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Local reaction to energy independence

By Nate Barrett - bio | email | Twitter | Facebook

 WAUSAU(WAOW)- With prices at the pump soaring to new levels everyday, decreasing the cost of oil is becoming a big issue.

Dan Lierman is Team leader at The Store, a local gas station and mini-mart. Lierman thinks gaining energy independence will eventually lower gas prices, "In the long run it would make gas prices a little cheaper. If you look in the news today whenever they are talking about raising it has something to do with a war overseas or something happening overseas, where as we have more control over what goes on in our own county. "

In a speech yesterday to students at Georgetown University, President Barack Obama set a goal to decrease US oil imports by a third over the next decade.

Lierman believes buying gas from stations that sell North American oil is the solution.

Dan Lierman: "The more support you give to people that sell north American gasoline the easier it is to get off of foreign oil. I think that [if] we as community stand beside people selling gas from our own county, that's what helps."

And here's an interesting twist. Lierman tells Newsline 9that since oil prices have gone up - gasoline sales at his store have stayed about the same. In-store sales, on the other hand, have dropped.

Online Reporter: Nate Barrett

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