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Snowed-In Spring Sports


The weather is always a problem for Wisconsinites. It's even worse this year for area baseball and softball players. 

They have to practice indoors, or, like Marathon high school, practice in a parking lot. 

"Working on defense and fundamentals, I'm just as comfortable in a parking lot as I am on a baseball field," said Steve Warren, Marathon's head baseball coach.  "But it'd be nice if it warmed up a bit." 

But Marathon has it easy compared with UW Stevens Point,who is confined with a roof over its head.

"It's just a challenge to practice all the fundamentals of softball indoors versus being outside on a regular diamond," Pointers softball coach Tom Henke said. 

The Pointers have already played 16 games this season outdoors.  And have had to return inside. 

"Once you get outside, it is really tough to come back inside to practice and outdoor sport," Henke said.

Playing indoors means the Pointers have to play with balls that are specially made for the indoors, which don't bounce quite correctly.  And they can't shag fly balls as they would if they were outdoors.

What makes it worse for Stevens Point is their competition already had its snow melt off, so they're a bit ahead of the Pointers. 

"You get caught behind the teams that are already outside," Henke said. "You got to catch up a little bit to your competition." 

Tigerton's state championship softball team won't be behind its opponents, but would still enjoy some sunshine. 

"It's always nice to be outside and on the field, but this is Wisconsin, what are you going to do?" Tigers coach Glenda Smith said.  "We're not the only team inside in this position." 

"I'm really anxious to get out there, we've been couped up in here for a week and a half, even longer, it's weird, it's different," Tigers junior Rachel Robbins said. 

The teams have had to reschedule some games and hope more won't have to be pushed back. 


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