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First day of testimony in Michael Haydon trial


CLARK COUNTY (WAOW) -- Tuesday was the first day of testimony in the trial of Michael Haydon, the man accused of murdering a truck driver in 2003.

Portage County district attorney Tom Eagon presented his opening statement to the jury, but defense attorney Jeff Jazgar decided to wait to give his until later in the trial.

Patrick Zemke's widow, Anna, gave the jury her testimony first, saying her husband was rarely late coming home from his overnight shift driving his Kolbe and Kolbe truck. Anna recalls the time period back in 2003. She said they had dinner together the night before he was found dead and talked about how Zemke looked forward to the upcoming hunting season.

The next morning, Anna said she found his body in his truck which was parked on the DB ramp along I-39 near Lake Du Bay. She said used the truck's CB radio to get help. Wayne Kropidowski, who was a patrol officer at the time, responded to the call.

"I observed that the person lying between the seats appeared to have a hole in his upper neck," said Kropidowski. "And I immediately checked the neck area to see if I could find a pulse. I did not.

"This adult male was actually lying in what I would call in a semi-fetal position, face-down on the floor of the sleeper berth area," said Portage County coroner Scott Rifleman. "He had an obvious gun shot wound to his back and also an obvious gunshot wound to the back of his neck."

Michael Haydon faces charges for killing Pat Zemke. Prosecutors said his actions were the product of jealous, vengeful rage and ironically a case of mistaken identity.

Police said they found a total of four gunshots on Zemke and something fishy about the ammunition.

"Found one other thing though that was curious, stuck out at the scene," said Eagon. "Fishing sinkers."

Eagon said lead fishing sinkers were mixed in with the shotgun pellets found at the scene, something the coroner said he's never seen in his many years of performing autopsies.

The trial will continue Wednesday morning at the Portage County Courthouse.

 Online Reporter: Anna Carrera

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