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Witnesses in Haydon trial explain how shooter could have hit truck driver


PORTAGE COUNTY (WAOW) -- Wednesday marks the third day of trial in the murder of truck driver, Pat Zemke. Witnesses told jurors they have an idea of how the shooter could have done the job.

Michael Haas, who worked as the director of the Wausau Crime Lab in 2003, said the shooter could have held the gun over his head and shot into the cab window. Haas said he thinks the shooter could have seen Zemke inside his truck by using one of the rearview mirrors.

"The window was obviously shattered," said Haas. "Part of it was on the inside and part of it was on the outside."

Pathologist Dr. Robert Huntington testified there can be no scientific way to figure out which of the multiple gunshot wounds actually killed him and any one of them could have been deadly by itself.

"If, hypothetically, this is just one possible scenario, it's just boom boom boom boom, saying exactly what point he was flatly dead, you can't do it," said Huntington. "I'm sorry."

Michael Haydon's attorney cross examined the experts, questioning them about crime scene contamination. Witnesses testified they didn't find any shotgun shells or weapons at the scene.

Haydon is accused of murdering Zemke while the driver slept in his truck off Highway 39.

Experts say they think the shooter would've had to be outside to break the glass in the window and then inside the cab to fire the rest of the shots.

Witnesses didn't testify about the ammunition, saying they would leave that to an expert.

Representatives from the district attorney's office said Thursday's testimony is expected to come from the officers who were called to the murder scene.

Online Reporter: Anna Carrera

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