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St. Louis, Kansas City buck anti-tax trend


ST. LOUIS (AP) -- The mood across the country has turned decidedly anti-tax. But you wouldn't know it in Missouri's two largest cities.

Local voters overwhelmingly agreed to renew earnings taxes in St. Louis and Kansas City for the next five years. Perhaps most surprising was the lopsided support: 88 percent in St. Louis and a 3-to-1 margin in Kansas City despite strong anti-spending sentiment in much of the U.S. and Congress.

Both cities are heavily Democratic, so more prone to support big government. But experts say that even for voters who favor smaller government, the stakes in Tuesday's election were simply too high.

Kansas City gets about $200 million annually, roughly 40 percent of its budget, from the 1 percent tax. St. Louis gets about $140 million, about a third of its budget.

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