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Someone You Should Know: Polito's Pizza

WAUSAU (WAOW) -- Bite after bite, Polito's Pizza is proving to please. With restaurants in Oshkosh and Stevens Point the newest edition in Wausau has patrons desperate for a sacred slice.

"We go through about 400 slices a day on a Friday or Saturday."

While the counters are continually packed with people, it's behind the scenes where all the action happens. The Polito's staff is stacked with pizza artists-tossing dough with their own unique fair. They make dozens of recipes regularly. From steak and fries to mac and cheese, they're willing to try anything once on a pizza.

"All of the pizzas are thought of by all the employees here. If someone has an idea we'll throw it on a pizza and try it out. We are the testers. So we'll test out the pizza. If it's pretty good we'll throw it out on the counter, and then we'll have customers try it out and see how they like it," said manager Dan Sosnowski.

Kevin Polito, a Stevens Point native, started the business using a family recipe.

"The recipe came from Kevin's great grandfather. It was handed down when he came to America. He had a small pizza shop, and then it was sort of passed down just from generation to generation and now it's at where it is."

Polito was hoping to create an after-hours bar scene in college towns, but it's become so much more. The eclectic environment has picnic tables and family photos. It appeals to the casual customer.

"Anyone can come in, you know, it doesn't matter what you're wearing, how you look. You feel comfortable as soon as you walk in the door. And, that's the cool thing about this place. You can be yourself. Anyone is welcome," said Sosnowski.

The friendly service doesn't hurt either.

"I really strive for our staff to know our customers by names, to get to know them like they're friends."

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