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Gen. Vang Pao's son continues mission


WAUSAU (WAOW)--  General Vang Pao had a special connection with Hmong community in our area.

Following his recent death, Pao's son and granddaughter are visiting Wisconsin.

NengChu Vang, along with his wife and daughter, have spent the week learning more about the needs of local families.

"After my father passed away, it seems like the clan leaders around the country are losing hope," Vang said.


General Vang Pao was known for addressing social issues like domestic violence in the Hmong Community.  He stressed that message in a visit to Wausau in July of 2009.

His family hopes to keep the general's mission alive.

"I just wanted to visit the people, visit the leaders, and let them know that we can continue to work together and I will be there to help them," Vang said.


The general's granddaughter, Lhee Vang, says her father listens to Hmong community members to learn their specific needs.

"By visiting the families, and coming into their homes, and showing up, it just shows love. It shows the Vang Pao family reaching out."

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