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Quilting for Japan


These kids are giving their time to Japan. Figuratively.

Students at Columbus high school spent their day sewing quilts for victims of Japan's earthquake and tsunami. The quilts will give warmth to those affected by the disaster half a world away.

"It's really a way to make a difference somewhere you don't think you can reach," said Grant Cleveland, a 10th grader at Columbus.

His mom got an email from a quilt shop in Osseo asking for finished products. So he got permission to use the school's cafeteria and borrowed sewing machines from friends of his mom.

There's just one problem, he didn't know how to sew.

"I personally don't have experience quilting, but my mother does," Cleveland said.  "They're teaching us how to sew."

10th grader Kennedy Larson is a volunteer quilt maker also. But she doesn't need any instructions.

"My grandma taught me how to sew, when I was like four or five, so I've been sewing for a while," she said.  "A lot of people that are helping here today are actually learning how to sew, so they're learning a new skill while they're helping other people."

The fabric used was either donated or purchased with money that was donated. The original goal was to finish a hundred quilts. But they think they can double that amount.

"Because the community was so generous, we'll probably be able to make more than that," Larson said.  "Like closer to 200 probably."

They hope to reach that total by the April 20 deadline.

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