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High winds lift trailer from foundation

LANGLADE (WAOW) -- In Langlade County one person says the winds came strong and fast, leaving no time for warning sirens.

High wind shifted a trailer from its foundation. It also moved a garage about four feet forward from its foundation.

Susan Lee lives in the trailer. She remembers her husband yelling for her to get out as the trailer moved.

"The stairs ripped right off the trailer and almost hit him. He just yelled at me to get out of the trailer, and I crawled out," Susan Lee said. "I went and found him around the side of the trailer, and he said it's okay. It's gone now. We could not believe the devastation that it did to the trailer."

Family and friends plan to spend the next few days cleaning the mess.

The family says they're not sure what's going to happen with their trailer. They say their landlord makes those decision.

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