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Hamburg Properties Hit Hard


Lincoln County is not the only area which saw damage. We Continue our coverage now in the rural Marathon County.


The communities of Little Chicago and Hamburg just northwest of Wausau are also dealing with the destruction of the storm.

In Hamburg where residents are still reeling in the aftermath of yesterday's storms. Luckily there were no injuries reported here, but people will have a lot of work to do to get their lives straightened out.

This used to be a barn, standing for more than a century before the storms hit yesterday. The owners said an emu was killed when it collapsed. And they aren't insured.

A little down the road, homes are damaged and parts of the roof missing.

"The rain got heavy, the wind started blowing, blew the door open, blew the window out," said Clark Petitt, a property owner who was hit hard.  I came outside, noticed the roof was gone, the shed roof was off."

Clark Petitt said his house can be repaired.  But he lost a shed, chicken coop, and barn. And still doesn't have electricity.

Petitt said he's lucky, because the Marathon County Sheriff's Department and the Hamburg Fire Department came by to patch his roof in the pitch black last night. If they hadn't, the rain this morning would've gotten through.

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