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Walker, Duffy visit Merrill storm sites

By Bonnie Shelton

MERRILL (WAOW)--Governor Scott Walker visited hard-hit areas in Merrill Monday night. He says damage assessment will take time, but he's going to do everything in his power to help the victims of yesterdays ferocious storm.

Signs of Sunday's storm still linger as people do their best to move forward.

"You look at the devastation here...it is amazing. To see how everything was concentrated in one area, it's just amazing to me that no one was seriously injured or killed," said Walker.

The Governor toured the damage around the Merrill Airport. He said he's working hard to get aid to those who suffered the brunt of the storm.

"We're going to work with the town, the city, the county and city officials to make sure we get these people up and going again," he said.

Walker said it's too early to know if federal aid will be needed here.

Congressman Sean Duffy was also on-site in Merrill talking with victims and assessing the damage. He says he'll do all he can to try and work with FEMA and other federal agencies to get aid if necessary, but the scene that impressed him the most was not mother nature's destruction, but human nature's compassion.

"As I'm driving in, I see 10 people in one yard and 12 and 8 in another and they all have their saws out and I think that says a lot about our community," said Duffy.

As crews slowly fix power lines and people fight the clock to save what they can from damaged homes, many pray the state and even possibly the federal government will be able to help rebuild in the coming weeks what took only minutes to tear down.

Online Reporter: Bonnie Shelton

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