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Merrill Twister Strongest in State


Experts from the National Weather Service are taking a close look at the path of Sunday's storms and the tornado damage. 

Officials from the National Weather Service came out to parts of Lincoln and Marathon county on Monday to survey the aftermath of the tornadoes.

What they do is look at the damage to determine what kinds of winds caused the damage.  From there, they can figure out the strength of the tornado.

The National Weather Service released their findings. There were ten confirmed tornadoes on Sunday. The strongest being the one that hit Merrill.

It was the most powerful tornado in the area since 2007. A different, less tornado hit Adams County, reaching 100 miles an hour. In Forest County, a third tornado reached 115 miles an hour.

A meteorologist with the National Weather Service said it was hard to get to all the sites because so many tornadoes hit at once.

"This affects a large part of central Wisconsin, so it stretches our resources thin," said Tom Helman of the NWS. 

The NWS wasn't able to get out to Langlade County yet, but expect to within a few days.

The tornado that hit on Sunday affected residents here in Hamburg and went as far as Gleason, about 30 miles away.

The National Weather Service said that's long by Wisconsin standards, because this part of the state is heavily forested.

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