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Farmers on Joe Snow Road re-build


Merrill, WI--  Over on Joe Snow Road the scene continues where farmers try to assess the damage after the tornado ripped apart sheds and barns.

Winds were so strong that even animals were not safe, some were sent airborne landing up to 100 ft from where they stood.

Mountain View Dairy had to move hundreds of cows out of harms way after the tornado hit sending a majority to a barn in Medford.

CEO Heinz Roth says his first priority after the storm was over was to make sure his animals were safe.  He says they're lucky.

The damage to his barn is extensive.  Half the roof was blown off leaving many cows subject to debris.

Luckily none of the cows suffered too many injuries.

Roth said they are hoping the rest of his cows would return in the next week or so. He also said they are going to start rebuilding as soon as possible.

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