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Walker's plans to unite Wisconsin

MADISON (WAOW) -- After months of debating the budget repair bill Governor Walker says he can bring the state back together.

Just a few months ago, people filled the halls of the Capitol in Madison. Now, a few lone protestors stay behind to make sure Governor Walker doesn't forget that they're still upset.

Walker said as heated debates start to cool down, Wisconsin can start getting back to normal.

"I think the more we go back to jobs, the more things calm down and people realize what they want more than anything are results," said Walker.

He said time will heal voters' wounds. Time, plus the jobs he still hopes to create over the next few years. But some lawmakers in Madison said he's strayed from his original goal.

"They elected him because he said he would focus on creating good-paying family-supporting jobs," said Democratic Senator Julie Lassa. "I think he needs to get back to that agenda."

Lassa said she sees good ideas on both sides of the aisle and hopes Walker will move away from his extremist agenda.

"I was really hopeful that we'd find a number of areas where we could cooperate on reaching that goal," said Lassa.

But Walker still defends his budget repair bill, saying so much more is on the line.

"It's not only about balancing the budget," said Walker. "It's ultimately about making government work better."

And he said when everything comes together, Wisconsin will be better than ever.

"When we show that schools and cities and towns and the state government are all going to get better, I think people will respond to that," said Walker. "But it's going to take some time until they see that."

Online Reporter: Anna Carrera

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