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St. Francis Xavier School Named Class of the Week


MERRILL (WAOW) -- Students in Hermina Jaeger's 3rd grade class at St. Francis Xavier School in Merrill are gearing up for the upcoming holiday.

They are decorating ice cream buckets to make them look like Easter baskets. You would think they were getting ready to take them home, but they have other plans in mind. They are donating them to sick children staying at the Ronald McDonald House.

Jaeger says "We have like small stuffed animals, crayons, and books, things to occupy their time in between visits to the doctor."

Jaeger came up with this idea 15 years ago after she saw one of her students utilize the Ronald McDonald House while dealing with a grave illness. Her students make sure the gifts keep coming.

They did a similar drive around Christmas. Jaeger says, "We take an empty shoe box and fill it up just like we do now. We do food items like soup, and jello, and pudding, something that's simple for the parents to make in between their hospital visits."

One of Jaeger's students says he thinks these gifts are great for morale. 3rd grader Connor Mootz says "I think it's good because the people in the hospital could get something to cheer them up and they can have some stuff not just for themselves, and some of the stuff can be for the family too."

The students have worked on the project for the last three weeks. They have filled 30 gallon sized ice cream buckets.

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