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G.A.B. investigates vote reporting in Waukesha County

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MADISON (WKOW) -- Inaccurate vote totals on election night out of Waukesha County has some doubting the process.

But a Government Accountability Board investigation hopes to restore the faith. Its investigation shows Justice David Prosser gained more than 7,000 votes in Waukesha County over Assistant Attorney General Joanne Kloppenburg.

Officials say to have a race this close and have more than 14,000 votes not counted, is very unusual.

"It really is the kind of thing that shakes people's confidence," said Kevin Kennedy, Director and General Council of the Government Accountability Board.

Kennedy says they're working to restore it.

First, by making sure candidates had the opportunity to review official documents showing results at all polling places.

"Show the result at the polling place and compare them to what was certified as official results," said Kennedy.

The investigation shows there were three votes the G.A.B. found discrepancies with from the results conducted by the Waukesha County Board of Canvassers, but this small amount was far outweighed by thousands of votes putting Prosser in the lead.

The G.A.B. will also continue to investigate Waukesha County Clerk Kathy Nickolaus' business practices to find out how thousands of votes in the City of Brookfield were overlooked election night.

"What the press didn't get was an official breakdown of all the reporting units. Had we done that we would have seen 24 zero's in Brookfield," said Kennedy.

Because the official vote total was less than one-half of one percent for Incumbent Justice David Prosser, Joanne Kloppenburg has until Wednesday to decide whether to ask the G.A.B. to conduct a recount.

"The law puts that decision in the hands of the candidate," said Kennedy.

Because of the close vote total, the state would pay for the recount.

The G.A.B. director says the decision is in her court.

"The candidates can take comfort in that as they determine whether or not they'll ask for a recount. If we get that request we'll start sometime next week," said Kennedy.

Kloppenburg has until 5 p.m. Wednesday to decide whether she wants a recount.

On Monday, Incumbent Justice David Prosser declared victory.

State officials are also investigating voting discrepancies on the Waukesha County's website from the 2006 elections.

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