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Merrill Township Tornado Meeting

The Township of Merrill was one of the hardest hit areas by the tornadoes.

The Township's residents came together tonight to find out what they can do to help each other and what it will take to pick up the pieces after last week's disaster.

Dozens of people from the Township of Merrill gathered to learn about what they can do to recover from the tornadoes that hit the area last week.Township officials called the meeting to inform residents of what can be done when insurance doesn't cover all the damage.

These things include how to fill out volunteer forms to get federal relief dollars.

"We can do a lot of things for them, but we've got to know what we have to do," said Merrill Township Chairman Bill Burgener.

The Township will try to help its neighbors as much as it can, but it will be tough when its population is less than a thousand people.

"It's been quite a devastating thing, a lot of people in a lot of hurt, we're going to try to do our part, but the cost of the cleanup may be entirely on the township," Burgener said.

Burgener estimates the damage to the Merrill to be about $40,000 to $50,000.  Merrill resident Tom Johnson was at the meeting.

He had flood damage in his basement that won't be covered by his insurance company.

He will now go to the Chamber of Commerce, who has been collecting donations for relief efforts since the storms.

"This is one heck of a community, everybody pulls together," Johnson said. 

Derek Krzanowski was lucky.  The Merrill resident didn't have any damage to his home. But people didn't know where to donate money to the cause.  So he came to tell them.

"I think the meetings are great to keep the town informed," Krzanowski said.  "It's good to talk to other people and know what's going on."

Another intention of the meeting was to have a lost and found, since a tornado can toss items miles away.

People didn't bring much, but it was evident that people were much more at ease after the meeting. There will be another one held next week.

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