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Central Wisconsin gets record snow


Wausau (WAOW)--  Few welcomed the sight of snow hitting the area earlier in the week.  It made many wonder if spring would ever come.

The snow that fell on April 19 set records in Wausau.  With a combined 1.9 inches we broke the daily record of 1.5 set back in 1898.

Despite the record, people aren't happy about the lingering winter weather.

Tim Freiberg on Weston said, "Sometimes it makes me wonder why I even live here when we are getting snow this late in the season."

Jill Preston of Wausau agree, "I just want it to stop already. Can't summer come?"

Although the winter weather has been around for what see as far too long this year hasn't been the worst.

Back in 1996 we had 10 inches of snow on April 29 and into the 30th.  In 2002 a heavy snow fell once again, blanketing the area.

There is some good news. Forecasts predict higher temperatures in the days to come. Hopefully springing us into the warmer season.

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