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Class of the Week: Trinity 5th Graders

WAUSAU (WAOW) -- When the fifth grade class at Trinity Lutheran School saw the devastation left behind from the earthquake and tsunami in Japan and decided to walk along side the people there.

Drew Schoch says, "I just thought about how sad it would be and how their homes are just washed away now. I just felt like we had to make a donation because of how disastrous that was."

So they put their heads together and came up with an idea called "Sock It.  Walking Along Side the People of Japan."  The project is a change drive but the collection buckets don't go in your hands.  They go on your feet.  They've actually collected all their money in socks.

"We have $515", says Keagan Sather. "That's incredible and we have three to two weeks left.  Our deadline is May 11th and we have $515 dollars.  That's amazing."

Sather helped come up with the plan.  She knows the donation will make a difference.

"The people there are saying, 'Wow.  Someone actually cares about me.'  They're so happy because they have food now and they'll get much more supplies than they have now."

For every dollar collected a paper foot was put up in the school.  They've collected so much money that the trail wraps around corners, onto ceilings, even down stairs.  That visual reminder keeps them going.

"They're wonderful leaders", says teacher Nancy Hoffman.  "They're hard workers.  They've had to do many things during study halls which means their work load at night was more.  I'm just very proud of them."

The students are collecting money until May 11th.  They hope to reach a goal of $800.

Online Reporter:  Cami Mountain

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