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Going green for Earth Day

WAUSAU (WAOW) -- Saving money and saving the environment: a win-win situation no matter what day it is. But especially on Earth Day, people find ways to make a difference in their lives and in their communities.

One way to help lower energy costs is by swapping out light bulbs in your home or office. Even though the "energy-saver" styles can cost a bit more at the register, experts said over time, the investment pays off.

"You're going to make your money back in a month just in the savings alone," said James Fellbaum, who works at Ace Hardware.

A store in Rib Mountain sells feeders made with recycled materials. They're made right here in Wisconsin out of milk jugs. You can tell how many recyclables are in each home by looking at their stickers.

Another way to go green while spending some green -- buy local foods.

"Very in tune with the support local movement, supporting local farmers, keeping food dollars local, cutting down on fossil fuels from trucking produce from one end of the country to another," said Downtown Grocery co-owner Blaine Tornow.

Tornow and Kevin Korpela, who own the Wausau store, sell organic, earth-friendly foods. Some shoppers say it helps to eat healthy, with diets full of fresh fruits and vegetables.

"Regional vendors of organic produce that also look to source products from Minnesota and Wisconsin so we have good partners that follow a similar approach on finding things as close to home as possible," said Korpela.

After grabbing a green snack, you can burn off some calories by going on a bike ride.

"You can do all your shopping with a bike," said Sprocketz owner John Nowaczyk. "You can bike to and from work. And you can also bike for fun and recreation."

Maybe one of the most eco-friendly ways to get around, since it doesn't use gas or make emissions. Plus you get more miles per gallon than if you drive a car. "The energy in an apple will move a car 300 feet," said Nowaczyk. "That same apple moves a cyclist three miles."

If you want to help clean up at Wausau's 2nd Annual Ghidorzi Green and Clean on Saturday, you can meet at the Corporate Cove Tower, on 1 Corporate Drive, in Wausau between 9:30AM and noon. The event kicks off at 9:30AM, followed by litter pickup until noon and a thank-you lunch at the Great Dane.

Online Reporter: Anna Carrera

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