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Groundwater levels rising


STEVENS POINT (WAOW) -- The rivers are back within their banks, but officials say groundwater is on the rise.

Snow and rain are to blame.

In fact, The Portage County Water Quality Specialist says the water has been rising about a foot per week. Normally, it rises about an inch per month.

He says high water levels can flood basements and can also cause underground septic systems to release contaminated water into underground wells.

He says it's important to check your water to make sure it's safe.

"When the groundwater rises, it's got the potential for those systems not to provide the treatment for bacteria and viruses they normally would," Portage County Water Quality Specialist Ray Schmidt said.

Portage County leaders say groundwater levels are four feet higher than last year.

And they say it's two to three feet higher than the spring of 1993. That's when the county had record rainfall.

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