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Brand Marathon County

WAUSAU (WAOW)--Marathon County has a new brand and logo, but it all comes with $117,000 dollar price tag. That cost has some Wausau residents wondering why the re-brand is necessary.

The new logo, which resembles a clock surrounding the words Marathon County, also has a new tag line: "Wisconsin Central Time."

According to the Wausau Chamber, it represents the believe that in Marathon County you are in a whole different zone. The tag line and logo, which represent living in the moment, will be used in a branding campaign throughout Marathon County.

McDEVCO is financing the project, and the Chamber says the 117,000 dollar price tag is well worth it. "We want to show people that here in Marathon County you can live life to the fullest," said Marketing and Programs Manager Karen Nerison.

However, some residents are skeptical. "I'm not quite sure what they hope to accomplish with it...I mean seriously, what does a brand for a county do for you?" said Ann Eisenman, a Marathon County resident who has lived in central Wisconsin her whole life.

The project is in it's third phase, and organizers say they are currently looking for a creative design team in the area to help them build a website for the brand.

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