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Groundwater damages roads in Grant

GRANT (WAOW) -- High groundwater levels in the Town of Grant in Portage County cause damage to roads.

Community leaders say it's only the beginning.

Officials say the Town of Grant has the highest groundwater levels out of any place in Portage County.

The town has closed several dirt roads.

One town employee says he's heard several people are staying at other places outside of town, until road conditions improve.

Portage County leaders say high groundwater levels may last through the summer.

They say groundwater empties into streams and lakes and only moves several feet per day.

"We've got groundwater at or near the ground surface and within inches of it. Any subsurface basements and other things are going to be flooded if they're not already," Portage County Water Quality Specialist Ray Schmidt said.

Town of Grant leaders say they've recorded about $300,000 worth of damages to roads.

Officials say there is nothing anyone can do about high groundwater levels. They say it has to run its course.

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