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Wisconsin Supreme Court Race recount begins


WAUSAU (WAOW)--The controversial Wisconsin Supreme Court race is under review. A recount means tight security and meticulous counting at county clerk's offices across the state.

Marathon county has over 32,000 ballots to scan by machine and they plan to count until eight p.m. Wednesday night and even into the weekend if needed.

People who want to observe the recount have to sign in at the courthouse and leave purses and other belongings outside.

"It's always been interesting to me how they verify and check everything," said volunteer Melanie Franklin.

Red pens are the only writing utensil allowed in.

The recount is not all smooth sailing. At the Marathon County recount one voter marked two boxes, causing some controversy early in the day

After calling the Government Accountability Board and finding out election officials vote to determine the correct vote, three election leaders decided to give the vote to JoAnne Kloppenburg since no name was written in.

Another thing slowing down the process, election officials can only count one precinct at a time.

It may be painstaking, but it's all part of the democratic process. 

Online Reporter: Bonnie Shelton


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