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Kronenwetter Police post warrants online

KRONENWETTER (WAOW)-- Now might be the time to pay off those traffic tickets...especially if you owe the Kronenwetter Police.

A new web page created by the department posts the names, faces, and last-known addresses of anyone with outstanding civil warrants.

Chief Daniel Joling says he hopes the site motivates people to come forward and pay up.

"The bottom line goal here is to get the money that's owed to the village from the violation of our laws or ordinances."

But it's not just the village who will benefit from the public information.  Residents throughout Kronenwetter will use it.

Lori Lewis manages several properties for HPI in Kronenwetter.

She says the information could help her decide whether someone would be a trustworthy tenant.

"This will be a nice tool for us to be able to use so that we'll be able to say, 'you know what, you already owe the department this much money, how do I know that you're going to pay me?'"

Bar owner Jackie Fischer thinks paying your debt to society is the right thing to do, and anyone that doesn't should be held accountable.

"I think it's a good idea. I think people show pay their way just like you and I have to," says Fischer. "I go to work every day and I pay my bills."


To view the Kronenwetter Police warrants online, click here.

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