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White House says US was prepared to take bin Laden alive

WASHINGTON (AP) -- The White House counterterrorism adviser says U.S. forces who killed Osama bin Laden would have taken him alive if they had the opportunity.

John Brennan said the White House thought bin Laden would resist but that there was a "remote" possibility he could be captured alive.  Brennan told reporters that the contingency was prepared for.  Brennan said that it only would have happened if bin Laden didn't pose any threat to the Americans sent to take him out.

Since he fought back, he was killed.  A U.S. official says bin Laden went down firing at the Navy SEALs who stormed his compound.  The official familiar with the operation says bin Laden was hit by a barrage of carefully aimed return fire. 

The official says two dozen SEALs in night-vision goggles dropped into the high-walled compound in Pakistan by sliding down ropes from Chinook helicopters.

U.S. officials say bin Laden was killed near the end of the 40-minute raid.  The SEALs retrieved bin Laden's body and turned the remaining detainees over to Pakistani authorities.

Online Reporter:  Cami Mountain

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