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Emergency crews train for disaster

Mosinee, WI (WAOW)--  Ambulance and fire trucks rushed to the scene as smoke billowed into the sky, and fire burned brightly.

Luckily, this was just a drill.


Director of Operations and Maintenance at Central Wisconsin Airport explained, "we do this every three years per FAA regulations. Its what's call a live rescue, which helps train emergency workers for disaster."

In this case, emergency workers trained in the event of a plane crash.


"Its very practical and very beneficial. We gain knowledge in case something does happen we are taught how to handle it."

Paul Rheimschmiet is a Captain for the Mosinee Fire Department.  He believes drills like this are necessary.


"It really gives you a good idea how it is with the heat...the smoke..the noise," Rheimschmiet explained.

And because it's only a drill, it doesn't hurts to have some fun.


"It is a fun experience. Its something we don't do a lot and its good to have real fire...real patients."

That's right... real patients.  Community members simulated victims of the crash.  Victims were assesed by EMTs and tagged with a card explaining the extent of their injuries.  They even had a medical helicopter from Aspirus Hospital transporting severely injured "victims".

And to make the experience even better a simulated airplane was brought in, instead of the traditional school bus.

Wade Boyat, ARFF Instructor says it's one more step to make things realistic.

So if there ever is a disaster, rest assured, our emergency crews are prepared.

The drill only lasted about an hour.  There were emergency crews from Mosinee, Kroenwetter and Marathon County.

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