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Trappers begin gypsy moth survey

MADISON, Wis. (AP) -- Trappers hired by the state agriculture department are expected to set more than 26,000 gypsy moth traps in 48 Wisconsin counties by July.

You might spot the small, bright orange or green box traps tied to trees around the state. The traps are not set to control the gypsy moth population, but rather are used as a method of surveying the gypsy moth population.

Trapping coordinator Chris Whitney says it helps the state determine if an area needs an aerial spraying the following year, or if an egg mass survey needs to be done in the fall to better evaluate the population.

The traps attract male gypsy moths by using the pheromone of the female moths as a lure. Female moths, by the way, are flightless. The traps will stay in place until the moths stop flying in August.


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