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WI committee shows separation between abortion clinics and family planning

WAUSAU (WAOW) --  A Republican-controlled committee votes to keep abortion providers from receiving certain state grants.

This move means Planned Parenthood will lose about a million dollars a year in state and federal money. The decision marks a first for Wisconsin, a separation between women's health programs that perform abortions from other clinics like the Family Health Planning Services.

"A legislative body with a Republican majority clearly said that there's a difference between family planning and abortion and they voted to support family planning," said Family Planning Health Services Executive Director Lon Newman.

Family planning clinics will still make cuts -- about 10% across the board for the next calendar year. But clinic leaders said their programs will stay open and provide services to anyone who needs them.

"If you want to reduce abortions, which I think we all do, and you want to reduce the need for abortions, which I think we all do, then family planning is a very, very large part of that," said Newman.

Online Reporter: Anna Carrera

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