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Tornadoes leave a trail of devastation near Harmony

HARMONY, Minn. (KTTC) -- The small community of Harmony, bordering highway 52 south, was the hardest hit with a tornado causing extensive damage to some farms.

This is all that remains of the O'Conner families farm yard. Just minutes before the twister struck, they had company over celebrating a birthday. Soon, they found themselves huddling together as the tornado struck.

"(We were) in our basement and it happened literally two seconds and it destroyed everything," recalls Kisa O'Connor.

"It was just all this rumbling and we went downstairs and all you could hear was crash, like everything was falling in our house, but nothing was it was just the window and trees just rumbling down," said Storme Nierman, O'Connor's daughter.

The cement foundation that I'm kneeling on is the only reminder of the grain bins that once stood here, a mile wide path of debris now lies scattered across an open field.

"It's just astonishment that something could do that in the matter of 30 seconds, that you've worked years and years for," said O'Connor.

More than 100 community members are clearing debris and working together to help the family recover from the wrath of Mother Nature.

The tornado also hit Bill Kiehne's farm, barely bordering the northern city limits of Harmony. A steel roof was ripped off of Kiehne's hog barn, a cement silo was shattered and numerous branches littered the yard. Luckily, the 2000 hogs are alive.

Although the storms were severe, there were no reports of injuries.

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