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Governor signs five bills into law

By Julia Fello

MADISON (WKOW) -- Five bills are now signed into law.

Among them, a bill giving Governor Scott Walker more power in creating state agency rules.

In the past, if a bill was about hunting, for example, Department of Natural Resources leaders would help fill in details of statutes through rules or regulations.

This new bill allows the Governor to veto rules written by state agencies or elected officials.

"If the legislature decides to pass a law he literally - it's almost a super veto - cause he could make sure a rule never takes place," said Rep. Mark Pocan, (D) Madison.

The law also requires an economic impact analysis for all proposed rules, so everyone knows how much it will cost.

"It puts one more step to make sure these rules are ultimately the ones the taxpayers and people support by people they elected," said Gov. Scott Walker, (R) Wisconsin.

"The governor is essentially going to have an agenda setting ability to be able to write rules or reject rules earlier in the process before the legislature or public gets involved," said UW Associate Professor Susan Yackee.

Walker also signed a bill repealing a clean water testing requirement. The other measures have to do with retailers and sales tax, school funding for Milwaukee, and permits for semis.

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