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May Jefferson Award Winners: Cindy & Kevin Kurtzweil


ROSHOLT (WAOW) -- For a long time in Rosholt, football players could only hit the field while the sun was shining. May's Jefferson Award winners Cindy and Kevin Kurtzweil worked with other members of the community to raise money to install lights around the stadium.

"Rosholt is really behind their sports, behind their school," said Cindy. "We're a small community but we really rally together and get things done."

Without lights set up around their stadium, students had to play day games and parents had a hard time making it to events that started before they got done with work. A group got together and raised enough green to light up the field, brightening the future for all sports teams that used the space.

"It's endless," said Cindy. "To have this is a normal thing for some communities but it wasn't for Rosholt. Now we are just as good as they are, if not better."

Members of the community raised $40,000 within 8 months, keeping the drive alive for the football team and putting the track team on a level playing field too. This week, Rosholt hosts its first sectional track meet, an opportunity they feel proud to have.

Cindy and Kevin helped with this effort, as well as another one, to bring youth football leagues to their community. A pricey venture, but with players willing to leave it all on the field, people there worked hard to give them that chance.

"In the first eight months, we raised right around $26,000 to start our league," said Kevin. "In the fall of 2009 we had our first home game."

70 kids signed up to play in the first year and the program continues to grow.

"We run a six game schedule, we run three games at home here," said Kevin. "It's great camaraderie for the kids. It's good team concept. It's great for the youth in this town."

The small community has big hopes for the future, with plans to extend the bleachers to make room for their growing fan base.

"There's so many people that have played a role in the youth football starting, played a role in the Hanna field lights upgrading," said Cindy.

In Rosholt, teamwork comes first and their game plan stays the same: see a need and fill it.

Online Reporter: Anna Carrera

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