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Memorial Day Ceremony in Merrill


MERRILL (WAOW) -- Hundreds of people in Merrill came together to honor fallen soldiers Monday. Large crowds bowed their heads as they paid their respects. Veterans, soldiers, and Boy Scouts marched through the streets of the city as part of the ceremony. Newsline 9 talked to several veterans, including the Mayor of Merrill, who explained what this holiday means to them.

"I'm a Vietnam veteran. I served there for a few years and I just like to come down and remember. I value the sacrifices all of our veterans have made in all of the wars in history," Mayor Bill Bialecki said.

"It means a lot to me. I never miss it. I was raised this way to honor the passed people. And I still do it."

The ceremonies were held at the Saint Francis Cemetery and the Merrill Memorial Park Cemetery.

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