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Georgia School Scholarship Program


(CNN)--Many college students in Georgia, who were hoping to hit the beach this summer, are hitting the books instead.

You could call it a lesson in economics.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports more students are signing up for summer classes because of changes in the state's HOPE scholarship.

Beginning in August, the program will provide less money to students enrolled in Georgia colleges and universities.

The state lottery-funded HOPE used to pay all tuition and some book fees for students with at least a three-point-oh grade point average.

This fall, those students will still get scholarship money but the amount will vary and will be tied to lottery revenue.

Only the top 10-percent who graduate high school with at least a three-point-seven G-P-A and a 12-hundred S-A-T score will get full tuition.

Georgia lawmakers revamped HOPE because it was on track to run out of money by 20-13.

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