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June Update: Snow melt contest

17 June 2011 17 June 2011

Congratulations to the 2011 Snowmelt Contest Winners!  This morning on Wake-Up Wisconsin we announced the top 3 winners of the R-Store Gift Cards. 

Here are this year's R-Store Gift Cards winners:

  • 1st Place $250 Gift Card - Edna Scheel, Schofield
  • 2nd Place $150 Gift Card - Melissa Hoffman, Weston
  • 3rd Place $100 Gift Card - Joe Orsund, Amherst
  • 4th Place $50 Gift Card - Diane Stroik, Ringle
  • 5th Place $25 Gift Card - Joanne Ciszczon, Wisconsin Rapids
  • ***Latest Update June 23rd***


    ***Previous Update June 22nd***

    We drew for the top five winners today and revealed 4th and 5th place on Wake-Up Wisconsin. The top three prize winners will be revealed on Wake-Up Wisconsin at about 6:40am Thursday morning (June 23rd).

  • 1st Place $250 Gift Card - ??
  • 2nd Place $150 Gift Card - ??
  • 3rd Place $100 Gift Card - ??
  • 4th Place $50 Gift Card - Diane Stroik, Ringle
  • 5th Place $25 Gift Card - Joanne Ciszczon, Wisconsin Rapids
  • ***Previous Update June 21st***

    We will be drawing for the top 5 winners on Wednesday during Wake-Up Wisconsin at approximately 6:39am. At this point we will also reveal the winners of 5th and 4th place. The top 3 winners will be revealed on Thursday during Wake-Up at approximately 6:39am. Prizes (car wash coupons and gift cards) will then be mailed out late this week and/or early next week.

    ***Previous Update June 20th***

    Check the previous update for the updated list of people who predicted the correct date (June 17th) and will be entered in the drawing. There are 51 winners. There are 5 top prizes ($250, $150, $100, $50, $25) and then everyone else will receive car wash coupons. Everyone who is on the list, feel free to brag to your friends about your awesome forecasting skills. We are planning on drawing for the top 5 prizes and announcing the winners on Wednesday and Thursday on Wake-Up Wisconsin this week. We will also post the names of the top 5 winners here in this update article and in the Weather Blog. Stay tuned. So exciting!

    ***Previous Update June 17th***

    THE SNOW HAS MELTED! At 10am this morning I arrived on the scene only to find a little slushy cold debris where the snow pile had been the previous day. I tried get a picture as best I could but the last little crystals of ice/snow were too small, mixed with dirt, and were in the process of melting. You can see the final "wetness" in the posted picture but that is about it. So Friday June 17th is the winning snowmelt date. Stay tuned next week for the random drawing on Wake-Up Wisconsin (mostly likely on Tuesday the 21st) to determine who will win the R-store gift cards (the top 5 prizes). I don't have the entire list of names of people who predicted June 17th (because a couple of our web people are out of town) but there were 15 people who mailed or emailed in entries and they are the following:

  • Dale Ninneman
  • Jeff Lewis
  • Judith Schroeder
  • Tina Dietrich
  • Rebecca Nowicki
  • Edna Scheel
  • Sue Hamilton
  • Joanne Ciszczon
  • Jackie Wurz
  • Lorraine Prahl
  • Bob Butkus
  • Randy Lehman
  • David Librande
  • Leslie Johnson
  • Samantha Skarlupka
  • Joe Conlan
  • Kristy Neumann
  • William Bloom
  • Joe Orsund
  • Kelly Buttke
  • Molly Wisener
  • Judy Lacina
  • Lynelle Hoffman
  • Michelle Anunson
  • Sandy Kluge
  • Betty Martino
  • Darrel Dehlinger
  • Donna Betro
  • Nancy Rothamer
  • Barbara Mondeik
  • Kathy Meyer
  • Robert Anklam
  • Dawn Freund
  • Dennis Kelnhofer
  • Laura Lang
  • Allan Malluege
  • Angie Wenzel
  • Judy Wastrack
  • Tom Strachota
  • Michael Rasmussen
  • Felecity Treptow
  • Melissa Hoffman
  • Jenny Nowak
  • Mike Zupon
  • Carolyn McNamara
  • Sara Kolb
  • Amy Woller
  • Kristen Fish
  • Becca Hargraves
  • Jen Mayer
  • Diane Stroik
  • Marcus ?
  • Congratulations to all of you who were the super snowmelt forecasters this year! Good luck in the drawing next week. If you are not drawn in the top 5 (gift card prizes), you will still receive car wash coupons from the R-stores. Remember, this is not the complete list. Once I talk to our web people and get the names of the people who predicted the correct date and entered through the website form and texting, then we will have the complete list. I suspect there are probably another 10 or 20 people to add to the list. As a reminder, the top 5 gift card prizes are $250, $150, $100, $50, $25.

    ***Previous Update June 16th***

    As you can see from the latest pictures, it is getting down to crunch time for the snowmelt contest. It is starting to look likely that the final melt will occur on Friday the 17th. There is still a slight chance it could last until Saturday or Sunday but I wouldn't hold my breath. Be sure to check back here for frequent updates tomorrow and over the weekend.

    ***Previous Update June 14th***

    The snow remains but the pile is getting smaller. It looks like the final melt will probably be late this week or over the weekend. High temps should be near 80 Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. With temps that warm, the snow should melt. If you predicted Thursday June 16th, you might be out of luck. Anywhere from Friday through early next week is much more likely to be the winning snowmelt date.

    ***Previous Update June 10th***

    I was hiking up on Rib Mountain again on Thursday June 9th and got a new picture of the snow that is remaining. The 90 degree weather from earlier in the week really did a number on the snow pile, however, with the cooler trend in store for the next couple of days it looks like the snow is going to make it into next week. I doubt it will make it to the 20th though.

    ***Previous Update June 8th***

    I visited Rib Mountain on Tuesday (June 7th). The snow was melting rather rapidly in the heat but there was still quite a pile left. I would estimate it has lost half its mass since the last update. Judging by the size of it and seeing some colder weather in the forecast, it still looks like we will have a few more days before we find out who is going to win the R-store gift cards.

    ***Previous Update June 1st***

    For those of you who entered the snow melt contest (or just curious casual observers), this is the place over the next couple of weeks where you can check on the status of the snow melt contest. On this page we will also announce the winning snow melt date, the date of the drawing for the R-store gift cards on Wake-Up Wisconsin, and the list of the top 5 winners.

    I walked up on the slopes of Rib Mountain (Wednesday, June 1st) in order to get a feeling of where the largest pile of snow is and how long it might be before it melts. There are at least five different patches of snow and probably more (I didn't have time to survey the entire hill). However, there is probably only one that matters. It is a large mound of snow in an area where the ski resort builds a jump during the winter for skiers and snow- boarders to perform tricks and challenge their skills (and sanity). This is the place where the snow has melted last over the last two years. The other large patches of snow will likely go about a week before the large mound finally melts.

    So how long will it last? In my estimation the large mound probably has 2 weeks left. I doubt it will take as long as 2009 when the final melt was on June 24th. If we have more days in the 80s than 60s and 70s during this first part of June, then it might only last 10 days. So those who picked June 10th or later have the best shot at winning. Be sure to check back for more pictures and updates over the next couple weeks.

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