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Baby turkeys hatch in Curtiss


CURTISS (WAOW) -- It may seem too warm to think about fall, but Thanksgiving's on the minds of seven tiny turkeys that just hatched in the village of Curtiss.

Seven of them hatched already this month, with two more that might be on the way. They're a rare breed of fowl, Narragansetts, that nearly died out but have been making a comeback.

Their owner, Linda Wyeth, said raising the roost has been quite the adventure.

"Driving your car, if you honk your horn, they'll gobble," said Wyeth. "So anyway, they're fun."

The baby turkeys' mom's name is Ethel. She laid the eggs about a month ago and then they were incubated until they hatched. Wyeth said she started keeping turkeys two years ago and she plans to keep at least two out of the new bunch for breeding.

Online Reporter: Anna Carrera

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