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Made In Wisconsin: Wausau Tile


WAUSAU (WAOW)--Wausau Tile: a local company with golden connections. Did you know that Wausau Tile is the exclusive manufacturer of all the outside furnishings for McDonald's? Not just here in Wisconsin, but nationwide!

The contract with McDonald's started with a meeting at a Chicago Trade Show in 1968. "Ray Crock, the founder of McDonald's, wanted a durable table," says Tom Hale, VP of Sales for Wausau Tile. "So the owner came back, started working on a design, put it in the back of his pickup truck, went down to Oakbrook and sat down on the back of his truck and negotiated a deal and we started making concrete tables and waste containers for McDonald's."

This family owned business got it's start in 1953. Ed Creske started the company out of his two car garage.

Currently, Wausau Tile manufactures 50 waste receptacles a day for the golden arches, but don't call them garbage cans. "Nothing we make is garbage. We make waste receptacles, nothing's garbage." Hale laughs, "I can get on an airplane and fly to anywhere in the country, you pick it. I can walk off that airplane and within 15 minutes find a Wausau Tile product."

A Wausau Tile product, made in Wisconsin.

Online Reporter:Nate Barrett

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