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Behind the scenes with Vilas County Sheriff's Deputy


VILAS COUNTY (WAOW)-- Deputy Sheriff Shyla Belzer, a nine-year-veteran of the Vilas County Sheriff's Department, says there's one thing that reminds her to be safe.

"I have a really good reason to make it home to my family at night. I have to support my family I have to be there for them. So I have to make sure I'm extra cautious."

Belzer's handcuffs may be pink, but don't let the color fool you.  In a workplace where being female puts her in the minority, she's proven herself.

"I don't think there's any challenges," says Belzer. "I don't think I'm treated differently for being a female and being a minority here. It's no different than any other job."

 When it comes to keeping the Northwoods safe, Belzer means business.

"We're everyday people just doing a job trying to help other people, and make the community a safer place."

 At the end of the day, she has one word of advice she wishes everyone would take. 

"If people couple pay a little bit more attention, there's a lot of accidents that could probably be avoided."


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