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Made in Wisconsin: Grassland Dairy Products


GREENWOOD (WAOW) -- Almost all of us consume butter in some form, and most of us get it from the same place.

Grassland Dairy Products, Inc. is tucked away in tiny Greenwood, Wisconsin. This family business produces 1/3 of all the butter in the United States. That butter is made in bulk for bakeries, put in restaurant-type packaging, or packaging to be sold in stores.

"We package a total of about 100 different brands," says Grassland Vice President Trevor Wuethrich. "About 90 of those brands are retail brands, and you'll see all throughout the U.S. different brands of butter, and most likely most of them come from here."

In order to make all that butter, they need a lot of milk.

Wuethrich says, "We have a 12-bay intake and in those 12 bays, we can unload 12 trucks of milk at a time, each truck containing about 50,000 pounds of milk. They are tested for milk components and quality, unloaded if they pass our tests, and then cleaned inside and out and sent out for more loads."

That milk is stored in these 50,000 gallon silos and kept at 44 degrees Fahrenheit until it's used. Once that milk is churned into butter and placed in its proper packaging, it is sent to the warehouse, where trucks are ready to take it all over the country. About 280,000 pounds of butter go through here each day. That's 70 truckloads.

And if you think this facility is underachieving, Wuethrich says they are putting on an addition, which will allow Grassland to double its current milk capacity. With the success they've had already, who knows what they can do with higher production.

Grassland Dairy Products… made in Wisconsin.

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