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Changes to hair and nail salon requirements

WAUSAU (WAOW) -- People working at hair and nail salons across the state could see some changes in their training. The state suspended requirements, including re-training in sanitation, so state board members can re-evaluate those requirements. Some people told Newsline 9 they're not too happy some workers might not have to pass those requirements. 

When Heidi Fischer gets her hair done she said the last thing she wants to think about is whether or not the salon is clean.

"I would think cleanliness would be a number one priority in a salon," customer Heidi Fischer said.

The State Board that oversees nail and hair salons suspended the requirements for the year 2013, that mandate workers to go through refresher courses on sanitation, infection control, and safety. For some customers, that's unsettling.

"Wouldn't make me feel very good because cleanliness is next to godliness so it's important," said Doris Krueger.

The state started requiring those classes in 2009 after an investigation found health and safety violations repeatedly at salons statewide. The classes are a way for those working in salons to keep up with cleaning methods, on top of the training required for a license.

Andi Burns is the School Administrator at the College of Beauty Culture in Wausau. She says sanitation is important and it's the salons that don't meet standards that will lose business.

"I really feel that the consumer ultimately decides where they're going to go. And the consumer is going to go to the salons and spas that look the cleanest, feel the cleanest," said Andi Burns.

Customers told Newsline 9 they plan to keep an eye out to make sure the salons they go to are clean.

State Board members said people renewing their licenses in 2013 will not have to retrain in safety and sanitation, but there will be a new set of requirements for people renewing their licenses after 2015.

Online Reporter: Courtney Fasano

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