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Pain Management Report


According to the report from the institute of medicine, the i-o-m, more

than 115-million adult americans experience some type of pain.

And that physical hurt is being felt in our pockets.... Costing the us

anywhere from 560 billion dollars to 635 billion every year.

Some of it comes from direct medical expenses. The rest from indirect costs

such as disability, lost wages and productivity.

The report outlines changes needed improve the prevention and treatment of


Some of the suggestions include:

--- better data gathering by the federal government

--- more personalized pain management by primary care doctors working with

pain specialists for patients with chronic pain

--- more pain management training for health professionals... And

--- the development of a national pain research institute.

The i-o-m report says that some of its recommendations could be implemented

as early as the end of next year, while others could be in place by 2015.

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