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Swat Team Involved in Gun Threat Incident

Douglas Smith, 49, faces charges of disorderly conduct, having a dangerous weapon and possessing drug paraphernalia.

Smith is accused of pulling what turned out to be a BB gun on teenagers Thursday night; causing the swat team to move in.

The neighborhood on 3rd street is much calmer now then it was late last night and early this morning.  Smith's neighbors give varying accounts of what unfolded here, and those involved.

De'shawn Dale says Smith pulled a gun on him late Thursday night.

"He thought that we was antagonizing him from the day before, so we laughed at him," Dale said.  "We saw him pull out the gun and we just started running."

Dale then called police. The swat team arrived and surrounded Smith's home, thinking the gun was actually a rifle.

When police arrested Smith, they say the weapon was, in fact, BB gun.

It's a situation that appeared to be brewing all day. Police say Dale and his friends were the trouble makers.

"What allegedly happened was two juvenile males was harassing an adult male who had been drinking," said Dwayne Dachel, a Wausau Police Officer.  "He pulled out what turned out to be a BB rifle and may have pointed it at them.  We're not sure about that yet."

Neighbor Dominique Larkin says she saw Dale and his friends giving Smith a hard time earlier in the day.

"They were throwing eggs, throwing meatballs at him," Larkin said.  "They were just harassing him the whole day. So I think he just pulled out the gun to scare them. Not to hurt them."

When the swat team arrived, neighbors were told to stay in their homes, and the area blocked off.

"I was scared from the police, but I didn't think [Smith] was going to do anything," Larkin said. 

Five hours later the situation ended when Smith answered the swat team's request to come out. 

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