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Everybody clean-up...again

WAUSAU (WAOW)--  After last nights storm the clean up begins..again.  And this time it's trees, and lots of them. 

After months of severe weather; downed trees, flooding, tornados and thunderstorms, many people are wondering when this is ever going to end.

Saturday's high winds and heavy rain left thousands of people without power.  And that meant hundreds of trees to clean up.

Rick Stoviake, Water and Utility Operator in Schofield has had enough of this weather.

"It means a long night. It means getting out the chainsaws and clearing the roads so people can get through," Stoviake explains.

But the Sandberg family is no stranger to battling severe weather.  They have seen their fair share of torment over the past couple years.  And this storm was no different.

"The yard was so perfectly groomed. We were so glad about that," Jane Sandberg, says.

Two 40-year old trees were ripped from their roots.  One landed on their roof, the other in the road.

"My husband wanted to go outside but you couldn't see anything and the house was as dark as can be because the power was out by then," Sandberg said.

When they surveyed the damage the next morning they couldn't believe that they saw.  Brody Sandberg said he had come home around 3 a.m. and immediately woke them up.

"They said they heard a crash and I said it's a lot more than you think.  They only thought a tree limb had fallen because that is all that ever happens around here," Brody explains.

But the Sandbergs weren't the only ones cleaning up.  The Rothschild Aquatic Center had numerous trees and debris in their pool.

Kruegers Gifts in Schofield woke to their greenhouse mangled and their flower carts blown to the other side of the street.

Wisconsin Public Service estimates all power will be on by Saturday evening.  But as for the clean-up...that is just getting started.

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