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Mosinee Family Continues Its Bike Trip

Two months ago, Newsline nine featured the Pourchots, a Mosinee family planning to bike across the country.

Now the Pourchots are at the midway point in their journey, right back here in the Wausau area.  Just in time for the July 4 holiday.

They've raised so much money, their new goal is $35,000.

The money will go toward research for a muscle disease known as Ataxia telangiecteasia, or a-t.

So far on the trip, they have biked more than 2,200 miles.

"Butt's hurting, legs are a little sore, but it's nice to have this rest week. Definitely a little saddle soreness," Jake Pourchot said.   

"Being back here among the people and the friends, it's really rejuvenated us to keep going forward. I think we're rested up and we're ready to go," Regan Pourchot said.

The Pourchots will do a social ride from their home to Whitewater.

And from there, later in the week, they will continue on the rest of their journey, all the way to Maine.

Follow their progress and see pictures the Pourchots post from the road on Facebook.  To donate to the cause, visit the AT Children's Project website.

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