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Milk production in Wisconsin down this year

(MARSHFIELD) WAOW -- Ken Rottschiet has been working on his dairy farm for about 25 years.

"In the morning, they come in they get corn salad, proteins, then when they go back out they get hay out of the bunk," said Rottschiet.

He said through his experiences on the farm, when milk production and prices are low, he finds a way to work around it.

"The price is so up and down all the time you just take the good with the bad, do what you can," said Rottschiet.

Officials said dairy farmers across the state harvested just more than two billion pounds of milk in the month of May. But that's down two percent from last year. Meanwhile, milk production in the rest of the country actually went up. Agriculture expert, Mike Wildeck, said there's several reasons why Wisconsin could be lagging.

"Part of it is that there are many more dairy producers in Wisconsin that are really looking at practices, methods, to reduce their costs of production, their input costs, to be more sustainable in the long run," said Wildeck.

 He said some farmers are also trying to save some money on food for the cows which means the animals could miss out on proteins that help with milk production. Despite the low production numbers, Wildeck believes Wisconsin will be able to rebound. Ken Rottschief said he is isn't worried either.

Wisconsin still remains the second leading milk producer in the country, behind California.

Online Reporter: Courtney Fasano

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