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West side construction -- highway 52 and stewart

WAUSAU (WAOW) -- Heavy machinery, construction signs and detours align Highway 52 and Stewart Avenue. It's been an overwhelming feeling for some motorists who are choosing alternative routes. But even those may seem confusing.

Resident Nate Sims says, "Detouring and having to go around to get back on the highway, it's not too easy. I like to go to the "Great Dane" and it's pretty hard to get there from here."

The difficulty to get around has businesses in the construction zone being cut off from the flow of traffic. Some even secluded from the streets which is an issue project managers are aware of.

"Basically helping them understand the turn movements, going over maps with them do they can work with their customers on how to get to their sites through alternate routes or through the construction project itself, " says Project Manager Mike Dombek.

However some businesses say just the sight of the construction is throwing customers off.

Restaurant Manager Alicia Lang says, "They didn't know we we're open or a lot of people thought we we're actually closed because the road was so torn up. People had to cut through the bank parking lot for like about a week because they blocked off both of our parking lots. So it was really hard for guests to actually get here.

Dombeck says that the construction is in the middle stages and tentatively scheduled to be completed this September.

Online Reporter: Christine Souders, Newsline 9

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